Technology is changing our world

Technologies are not only transforming business but also the way we live, our social interactions and, ultimately, the world around us.

B2B Voice delivers deep and resonant articles about how technology is shaping the business world, our society and our planet. How can we adapt or deal with this change? What changes will this technology bring to my business environment and my world? To these and other questions, B2B VOICE tries to give an answer.

B2B Voice is published by HDEMO, an Italian consulting company that since 1995 has been supporting companies in their strategic, sales and marketing decisions. Our sister magazine, Italiandirectory, is now an authoritative voice in the Italian online landscape, having succeeded in bringing together cultural interests and business realities making them interact each other.

B2B Voice is also a club open to all entrepreneurs who want to tell their stories, experiences and outcomes because we believe that the courage and creativity of one can be a powerful push forward for all of us.